University Courtyard Apartments Lease Agreement

Payments are due on the 1st of each month by payment plan outlined in the lease. More information, including rental contracts, prices and guided tours of university courses, is available on their website. University Courtyard – Athens, OH is located in 366 Richland Ave Athens, OH and is managed by ROCO Management LLC, a serious property management company with verified offers on RENTCafe. University Courtyard – Athens, OH offers 4-bedroom apartment studio the size of 311 to 649 sqm. Amenities include 24-hour availability, clubhouse, fitness center, furnished, high-speed Internet and much more. This community is welcoming to pets and welcomes both cats and dogs. The property is located in zip code 45701. For more information, please contact our office at (740) 224-5430 or use the online contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. The typical rental period is about 9.5 months of occupancy, which coincides with the academic calendar of the university. A total amount of rent is charged to the occupier for the contractually agreed occupancy period. The lease reflects the total amount of rent, which is generally divided into 10 equal instalments, due from August 1 to May 1. These payments are not monthly rent and are not proportional. An individual rental agreement provides each resident with its own rental contract and responsibility for rental and parking costs.

By signing an individual lease, you assume only responsibility for your rental rates and rental terms and are not responsible for the sums liability liability by your roommate. Coverage for your personal belongings is not part of your rental agreement. Tenant insurance can cover loss or damage to your personal belongings (including fire, theft or natural causes). Tenant insurance is not necessary, but highly recommended. Click here for more information. The University Courtyards apartments include two multi-family buildings with approximately 200 students each. While the property and buildings are owned by the university, the apartments are managed by an external agency. The management agency (RISE) rents these premises exclusively to YSU students. Students who opt for rent from university courses sign a one-year lease that usually runs from early or mid-August to late July. This lease is with RISE and not with the university itself.